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No concerns regarding the quality of ThilaMale' Bridge: Minister Muhthalib

Mariyath Mohamed
24 November 2023, MVT 18:43
From the site of the Greater Male' Connectivity Project.-- Photo: Nishan Ali / Mihaaru
Mariyath Mohamed
24 November 2023, MVT 18:43

Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Dr Abdulla Muhthalib has expressed confidence that the ThilaMale' Bridge is being built with high calibre workmanship and that there are no concerns currently regarding the quality of work.

Responding to questions posed by Mihaaru News during a press conference held after bridge inspection, the Minister assured that the bridge was being constructed in high quality.

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu and his cabinet inspected the progress of the work on the ThilaMale' Bridge on Tuesday, visiting the casting yard as well during their inspection.

Minister Muhthalib stated that in appearances, those places are also maintained at high quality levels. He said that additional tests are being conducted based on the information provided by the consultant, and that the related reports are being verified.

"At the moment, we do not have any concerns in that regard. Such issues, like for example in piling, every pile is undertaken with the necessary arrangements made for its testing. So, on completion of piling, they take the necessary data, review it, and if any issues arise, they rectify it before moving on to the next task. The work is being done with ensuring this, taking the necessary data and reviewing it. From what we have observed so far, there is no cause for concern regarding the quality of the workmanship," he responded.

Muhthalib has previously served as a Deputy Minister of Housing involved in the construction of the now completed SinaMale' Bridge.

The Minister stated that a consultant has been hired to ensure the quality of the bridge, and that he is monitoring all work related to the bridge around the clock.