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Changes in government structure with establishment of new ministries

Malika Shahid
19 November 2023, MVT 16:59
Swearing in f the new cabinet: There will be 22 ministries in the current government -- Photo: Nishan Ali
Malika Shahid
19 November 2023, MVT 16:59

The structure of the government has been changed with the new presidential term.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu was sworn in on Friday, and 22 ministries were created, with ministers appointed to these ministries. With this, changes have been made in the functioning of some government offices.

The Home Ministry was renamed Homeland Security and Technology, and Immigration was placed under its control. Immigration was previously under the Defense Ministry. However, Customs, which was earlier under the Defense Ministry, has not been transferred under any institution.

The National Centre for Information Technology (NCIT), which was earlier overseen by the Ministry of Technology, and the Department of National Registration, which was under the Planning Ministry, have been placed under the mandate of Homeland Security.

In addition, the National Drug Agency (NDA), which was run by the Gender Ministry and later the Health Ministry, has also been placed under Homeland Security.

The Ministry of External Affairs will operate 17 embassies and consulates under its jurisdiction.

The Finance Ministry will be in charge of the National Pay Commission and the Privatization Board, as before, according to the President's Office website.

The Department of Public Examination (DPE), National Institute of Education (NIE), Quality Assurance, Department of Inclusive Education, and government schools run by the Ministry of Education will continue to function under the same ministry.

However, health centers, hospitals, and tertiary hospitals, which were functioning under a separate board during the previous administration, have been transferred to under the Health Ministry this time. Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA), Health Protection Agency (HPA), National Mental Health Department, and Maldivian Blood Services will also be run by the Health Ministry.

Only Invest Maldives has been assigned to the Ministry of Economic Affairs this time. Previously, the Job Centre and Labour Relations Authority used to operate under the economic ministry. However, the Ministry of Higher Education was renamed as Higher Education, Labour, and Skills Development, and the Labour Relations and Job Centre were transferred to it.

Maldives Qualification Authority, Labour Relations Authority, Skills Development Authority, and Maldives Polytechnic will be operated under the Ministry of Higher Education.

Maldives Marine Research Institute has been transferred to the Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Resources. Additionally, the Centre for Quran and Fatwa Majilis has been transferred under the Islamic Ministry.

The Gender Ministry has been renamed the Social and Family Development Ministry, and all the entities it has overseen in the past have been changed. These include NSPA (National Social Protection Agency), Children's Orphanages, and centres for people with special needs.

Under Sports, Fitness, and Recreation, only the National Institute of Sports, which was set up years ago, will operate.

Under the Ministry of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Utility Regulatory Authority, MET Office, and Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve Office will function.

After splitting the Ministry of Housing, Infrastructure, and National Planning, the newly created Ministry of Housing, Land, and Urban Development will operate the Bureau of Statistics and the Maldives Land and Survey Authority. They were previously run by the Planning Ministry.

There are no other agencies under Transport and Civil Aviation. The National Center for Cultural Heritage and the Dhivehi Language Academy will be run under the Ministry of Dhivehi Language, Culture, and Heritage.

The two newly created ministries, Construction and Infrastructure, as well as Agriculture and Animal Welfare, do not have any institutions under their mandate as of yet.

The Ministry of Youth, Empowerment, Information and Arts was created after the split of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It will now operate the National Bureau of Classification, the National Centre for the Arts (NCA), the National Museum and the National Archives.

Cities, Local Government, and Public Works include only the Communications Authority of Maldives (CAM), which was previously run by the Ministry of Technology.

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