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No leniency for former president Yameen to attend Dr. Muizzu's swearing in ceremony

Malika Shahid
13 November 2023, MVT 16:39
Former President Abdullah Yameen
Malika Shahid
13 November 2023, MVT 16:39

Despite the parliament's decision to invite former President Abdulla Yameen to the swearing-in ceremony of President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, based on the details of the leniencies granted by the Maldives Correctional Service department, Yameen is not allowed to attend such ceremonies.

The Parliament has stated that former President Yameen, who is serving a prison sentence for money laundering, will be invited to the swearing-in ceremony. The parliament also sought advice from the Correctional Service to extend the invitation to Yameen.

Parliament Director of Communications Hassan Ziyau said the invitation would be sent to Yameen sometime today.

Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu told Mihaaru News that the parliament had asked for the agency's advice and it had made it clear what the leniencies were given to Yameen. The leniencies include visiting a doctor without seeking special permission from Corrections, going for exercise, and meeting special people, he said.

This does not include attending ceremonies and rallies.

Ahmed Mohamed said the agency had not been informed of the invitation extended to the former President to the swearing-in ceremony and would decide whether to give him the opportunity.

"So far, the parliament has not notified the agency of the invitation. If the invitation has been extended, it should be notified to the agency," the Commissioner of Prisons said.

Yameen, who is serving a five-year prison sentence, was transferred to house arrest after the opposition candidate Dr. Muizzu won the presidential election. The Corrections then made a special arrangement with Yameen and gave him further leniencies.

Following the leniencies, Yameen attended two meetings at the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) office and spoke with supporters. Corrections has, however, threatened to cancel the agreement if the conditions of the agreement are violated. With the threat, Yameen has delayed his participation in political rallies. A gathering planned to be held at the Hiyaa flat area was also canceled.

The parliament has said that, in addition to Yameen, all other former presidents will be invited to the swearing-in ceremony. Invitations have also been sent to leaders of foreign nations. Heads and members of all state institutions have also been invited to the ceremony.

While preparations are underway to hold the swearing-in ceremony at Republic Square, the ceremony will bear a cost of MVR 22 million.