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Man dies in Fiyoari island powerhouse fire

Fathmath Shaahunaz
21 April 2017, MVT 16:59
The powerhouse in G.Dh. Fiyoari after a fire broke out, killing one of its staff. PHOTO/SOCIAL MEDIA
Fathmath Shaahunaz
21 April 2017, MVT 16:59

A fire broke out in the powerhouse of Gaafu Dhaal atoll Fiyoari island on Friday afternoon, killing one of its staff members.

The accident occurred at the time of Friday prayer, taking the life of Nazidh Abdulla, 26, who has been working as a technician at the powerhouse for the past three years. He was the only staff on site during the incident.

Member of Fiyoari Island Council, Saeed Mohamed, said that they found his burnt body on the ground by the engine.

Nazidh Abdulla, 26, the technician who was killed in the powerhouse fire in G. Dh. Fiyoari

According to the councillor, the islanders heard a “loud noise” from the powerhouse towards the end of the Friday prayer.

“We knew there was a fire at the powerhouse after prayers ended. We quickly set out and extinguished the fire,” he said, adding that Police have closed off the area for investigation.

The fire has caused an island-wide power outage as the island’s only electricity generator was destroyed.

However, the powerhouse’s operator Fenaka Corporation recently tweeted that the company is working to provide power to Fiyoari before sundown on Friday.

While the cause of the fire is still unclear, the island council presumes that the battery set must have malfunctioned and gone off.