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Malaysian authorities denies entry to former Deputy Economic Minister, deportation works begin

Mohamed Rehan
02 November 2023, MVT 12:38
Former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Development Abdulla Mohamed; he was detained at a Malaysian airport barring entry into the country--
Mohamed Rehan
02 November 2023, MVT 12:38

Malaysian authorities have held former Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Development Abdulla Mohamed at the country's airport, barring entry into the country.

Authorities of the country have already begun deportation works of the former deputy minister.

Mihaaru News learned that he was restricted from entering the country due to a 'Not-to Land' (NTL) order issued out against him by the Malaysian government.

Malaysian government issues the NTL order to individuals visiting the country on tourist visas frequently, and without proper touristic reasons. The NTL is issued to discourage immigration attempts seeking employment opportunities outside of legal channels.

While some local media said he was detained for terrorism or related suspicion, it has been clarified that the Malaysian authorities did not make such allegations on him.

Though detained he is not under arrest at the Malaysian airport, and will be deported via the first available flight to the Maldives.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was trying to gain information on the situation through the Maldivian Embassy in Malaysia.

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