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Parliament accepts bill to hand over LGA control to Maldives pres

Fathmath Shaahunaz
11 April 2017, MVT 16:34
Ungoofaaru MP Jaufar Dawood speaks during parliament session. PHOTO/MAJLIS
Fathmath Shaahunaz
11 April 2017, MVT 16:34

The parliament on Monday accepted the amendment for the Decentralisation Act to hand over the sole authority of Local Government Authority (LGA) to the president, and forwarded the bill to the National Security Committee for further review.

The bill lobbied on behalf of the government by Ungoofaaru MP Jaufar Dawood was accepted with 44 lawmakers out of 61 present voting in favour, while 17 members voted against the amendment.

The government is looking to set up LGA’s board with five members appointed by the president. The current board comprises total nine members including two city councillors and four atoll councillors.

However, the new amendment states that the new LGA board would consist of a minister appointed by the president, a female appointee from the Gender Equality sector, a member of a non-governmental organisation, a member with a background in governance or public administration, and a Chief Executive Officer. All members will be appointed by the president with the consent of Parliament.

The president is to determine the allowances to be provided to the five members who will serve a term of five years. The current Decentralisation Act mandates a secret vote among LGA board members to elect its president and vice president. However, should the new bill be passed, the president will appoint LGA board’s president while the vice president will be elected from among the other members sans the CEO.