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PPM has a special place in my heart: Nazim

13 September 2023, MVT 11:46
Dr. Muizzu and Nazim at the campaign event held in Hulhumale' for Dr. Muizzu's campaign. -- Photo: PPM
13 September 2023, MVT 11:46

Maldives National Party (MNP) leader Mohamed Nazim said that he felt like he was among family as he attended the first gathering of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)/People's National Congress (PNC) coalition after signing the coalition agreement for the second round of elections.

"I noticed that I have entered into our family," said Nazim, who served as the Defense Minister during former president Yameen's administration and also temporarily took charge of other ministries during his tenure as Defense Minister.

Participating in the campaign rally held for PNC presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu in Hulhumalé, Nazim said he has always had "a love for PPM" in his heart. He highlighted that he started his political career with the party and said it was an honor to be given the opportunity to rejoin the troops of PPM/PNC after being away for some time.

"I thank the PPM/PNC candidate and team for giving me this opportunity to join forces, especially for the second round. And I congratulate them." said Nazim.

President of the MNP Nazim and Vice President of the MNP Usham at last night's gathering. -- Photo: PPM

He said that the MNP greatly respects the trust placed in the party by the PPM/PNC coalition.

Nazim, who received 1,907 votes in the presidential election held last Saturday, said that the content of his manifesto was similar to Dr. Muizzu's manifesto. He highlighted that this similarity makes easy for MNP to work the PPM/PNC coalition. He also said that both parties shared a commitment to prioritize the nation's welfare.

"It is very easy to work with all of you. I am here to defeat president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. We can defeat him. Looking at the troops here tonight, there is no doubt in my heart." said Nazim.

Some of the people who attended the PPM/PNC campaign event last night -- Photo: PPM

Nazim said that he began cooperation with PPM in a coalition for the benefit of the nation, with the goal of recovering what has been lost by the Maldivian people.

He said that the current state of Maldivians is that they have lost the opportunity to speak out for themselves, and are thereby enslaved. Nazim said that the country was economically dependent on another, and that people of the Maldives may not be able to live without medical assistance from others.

"We do not have housing. Our youth are out on the roads. The manifesto [Dr. Muizzu's manifesto] shows that these things can be solved." said Nazim. Nazim praised PPM for bringing development to Maldives during its five-year governance. He said Hulhumalé 1 and 2 will be further developed under Dr. Muizzu's administration.