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Arrested Jumhoory Party leader’s lawyers vow to appeal case

Fathmath Shaahunaz
08 April 2017, MVT 12:10
The legal team of Jumhoory Party's arrested leader Qasim Ibrahim speak at press conference. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI/MIHAARU
Fathmath Shaahunaz
08 April 2017, MVT 12:10

The legal team of Jumhoory Party’s arrested leader Qasim Ibrahim declared late Friday that Police have no evidence to back their accusations against Qasim, and vowed to appeal the court order which ordered his remand during the investigation.

Qasim Ibrahim was arrested under accusations of bribing lawmakers regarding the recent motion of no confidence taken against the parliamentary speaker, and of working to unlawfully overturn the government of the Maldives. The Criminal Court has added six days to his remand.

In a press conference held by Qasim’s team of lawyers on Friday night, lawyer Hisaan Hussain stated that Police had submitted only an intelligence report on Qasim’s case to parliament which was used to secure his arrest at court. Referring to the court order which added that Qasim is to be kept under arrest to prevent him from tampering or doing away with any evidence pertaining to the accusations against him, Hisaan Hussain remarked that evidence that do not exist cannot be tampered with.

She also slated the Police’s intelligence report, saying that it contained little proof to back their suspicions of Qasim attempting to hide evidence or that he is potentially threatening to the safety and security of the society.

Lawyer Hisaan went on to proclaim that the current Constitution does not allow detention of a suspect during the investigative process. She further said that the accused crimes of Qasim and their respective subjects in the Constitution do not match.

Adding that the lawyers’ team had requested house arrest for Qasim due to his poor health but the judge had merely ordered Police to hold him in a place with “good ventilation”, Hisaan declared that the legal team will appeal the case at the High Court as soon as the appeal court resumes.

Another member of Qasim’s legal team, Machangolhi North MP Mariya Ahmed Didi added that Qasim as the lawmaker of Maamigili constituency must be presented to parliament sit-downs despite his detention, which is mandated under the Constitution.