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Ex-police commissioner accused of obstructing police in phone confiscation

Aishath Mihna Nasih
03 April 2017, MVT 13:03
Lawmaker Riyaz speaking to press after police interrogation. PHOTO:Nishan Ali/Mihaaru
Aishath Mihna Nasih
03 April 2017, MVT 13:03

Former Police Commissioner and lawmaker of Kinbidhoo constituency Abdulla Riyaz claimed late Sunday that he is being accused of obstructing Police for refusing to unlock his mobile phone despite Police' orders.

Speaking to the press after a three-hour interrogation on Sunday night, Riyaz said that he tried to unlock his mobile phone with three different passcodes but had failed to remember the correct code.

Riyaz, who is the deputy leader of both Jumhoory Party (JP) and its parliamentary group, claimed that he never switches off his phone and always uses the fingerprint scan to unlock it.

He stressed that the court order to confiscate his mobile phone never mentioned that he should give his fingerprint.

“Upon my request, the police previously agreed that such an order should be specified.”

However, Police informed him on Sunday night that such an order cannot be issued and all information should be willingly released in accordance with the initial court order, according Riyaz.

“I’m hoping the investigation will be carried out properly. And that no officer would try to accuse me of something I didn't do,” said Riyaz.

However, he noted that all these events are happening in relation to the political reform efforts spearheaded by the opposition.

Riyaz has previously been accused of inciting dispute and spreading false information.