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Ruling MDP welcomes 2,500 new members

Mohamed Rehan
08 June 2023, MVT 16:08
MDP Chairperson Fayyaz Ismail receives the forms of newly joined members from HDh. Makunudhoo constituency-- Photo: MDP
Mohamed Rehan
08 June 2023, MVT 16:08

A total of 2,500 new members have joined the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

MDP Chairperson and incumbent Minister of Economic Development, Fayyaz Ismail, received the membership forms of the newly added members during a ceremony held on Wednesday, June 7. The party actively campaigned throughout May to attract new members and achieved successful enrollments from 12 different constituencies.

Speaking at the ceremony, Fayyaz said that MDP has always prioritized commitment to progress and assured that the party will continue to attract and enroll more members.

"We will not settle at just 3,000 members. With a little effort, we have already welcomed 2,500 new members," said Fayyaz.

Amid the formation of a new political party called "The Democrats," led by former MDP members aligned with Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, the ruling party has actively focused on attracting new members. "The Democrats" is the official transition of the Nasheed-led "Fikurehge Dhirun" or "Reviving an Ideology" movement. The newly forming party recently announced that it has successfully reached the Electoral Commission's minimum requirement of 3,000 members.

The Democrats have recently submitted its registration to Elections Commission (EC).