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Bidding open for 23 slots in Hulhumalé smart parking system

Rabeeha Amir
21 May 2023, MVT 11:09
Smart parking zone located in Hulhumalé -- Photo: Urbanco
Rabeeha Amir
21 May 2023, MVT 11:09

Hulhumalé Smart Parking has announced the availability of 23 parking spaces for lease through a tender process. This marks the establishment of the first-ever smart parking zone in the Maldives, conveniently located near the Hulhumalé ferry terminal at Fithuroanu Parking Zone.

Interested parties have the opportunity to participate in the bidding process until June 7. The bidding will commence on the same day. Urbanco, the company managing the project, has announced that the starting price for the parking slots will be set at MVR 1500. The allocation of the slots will be determined using a point-based system, where each bidder will receive a certain number of points based on their bid. The bidders with the highest points will be granted the parking spaces.

Smart parking zone located in Hulhumalé -- Photo: Urbanco

Guidelines for the point system:

- Highest bidders will receive 80 points

- Previous bid winners of the Fithuroanu Parking Zone and residents of Fithuroanu Magu will receive 20 points

Only Maldivian citizens are eligible to participate in the bidding process. Individuals who already possess another parking space will not be eligible for the slots. Additionally, 0 individuals will be placed on the waitlist after the selection of the initial 23 winners, according to Urbanco.

Registered vehicles will be allowed to park in the designated smart parking spaces, while unauthorized vehicles will not be granted entry. It is strictly prohibited to sublease or transfer the parking space to another individual. The allocated parking slots are intended solely for the use of the registered owners. A permit must be obtained in the case of an individual wanting to park an unregistered vehicle.

Urbanco said that the smart parking zone in Hulhumalé is designed exclusively for cars and offers both short-term and long-term parking spaces. Furthermore, special parking spaces have been allocated for differently-abled individuals. Urbanco has also developed a parking application for those who prefer short-term parking options.

Urbanco has plans to introduce additional smart parking spaces in Hulhumalé. This expansion will enhance the availability of convenient and efficient parking options in the area, accommodating the growing demand.

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