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Fuvahmulah Mayor gives Pres Solih an A+

Anaan Bushry
22 January 2023, MVT 15:30
Presidential Primary Campaign 2023-MDP-Fuvahmulah Trip-Mayor Ismail Rafeeq
Anaan Bushry
22 January 2023, MVT 15:30

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will receive an "A+" for the work this administration carried out in Fuvahmulah during the last four years, the Mayor of Fuvahmulah City, Ismail Rafeeg has said.

President Solih was in Fuvahmulah on Saturday to campaign for the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s presidential primary. Speaking at his campaign rally, Mayor Ismail said he wanted the ongoing developmental work in the city to continue unhindered.

He claimed that since 2013, efforts have been made to construct a 2.9-kilometre road next to the Fuvahmulah beach area, but that work has often had to be redone throughout the years.

"They would clean the streets. Trees will be cut. The road will be constructed and made public during this administration, I have full confidence in that" said the Mayor.

He said that no one believed that the road development in Fuvahmulah would commence during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the project is underway and the road will be completed soon, he added.

"That's why I chose President Ibu [Solih] today, with that assurance. There are various projects planned just like this," Ismail said.

The mayor said it has been easy to work with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and that he was doing what the people of Fuvahmulah wanted. Ismail said the president does not brush off any issues brought to him.

He particularly mentioned the housing project in Fuvahmulah. The government initially earmarked 200 housing units, but when the council asked for an additional 200 units, the president approved the request.

''It has been announced and is now on the tender board. Thank you, President. I chose the President because I knew I could work alongside him with ease," the mayor said.

He then elaborated on the road construction project in Fuvahmulah. Ismail said there were initial talks about constructing a 10-km stretch as part of the second phase of the city's road development, but the council later wanted to extend it to a 12-km stretch. However, the mayor said that the council was able to convey the matter directly to President Solih when the work did not proceed as planned.

The Mayor said he was confident that the President would win the MDP primary, as well as this year's presidential election and ensure the development required by the people of Fuvahmulah and the rest of the Maldives

''He [the president] did all of it. So I know that the President is definitely a crucial determinant for the development of Fuvahmulah and he has given priority to the development of all the islands of the country, not just the capital. Because of that, I am with the President," Ismail said.