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City Council alarmed over capsized bridge platform

Mohamed Rehan
18 August 2022, MVT 07:50
Capsized bridge platform on top of Vilimale' house reef--
Mohamed Rehan
18 August 2022, MVT 07:50

Male' City Council addressed concerns over the capsized bridge platform on Vilimale' house reef.

The platform crashed atop the reef sometime during Wednesday, August 17.

The council's statement highlights the village island's house reef being one of the only undamaged reefs in the area. The council shared its worries over delays in righting the crashed platform.

"The reef is already experiencing negative impact over Gulhifalhu land reclamation and the bridge project, now with this recent crash of a bridge platform atop the reef adds to the discontent," the statement read.

City Council has urged both Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (MNPHI) and project's contractor Afcons Infrastructure to exercise caution on safety measures and workforce capabilities.

Moreover, the council had called on both Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and relevant committees of Maldives Parliament to probe into the matter, and take action against liable parties.

MNPHI on Wednesday confirmed righting works on the stranded bridge platform were underway.

Meanwhile, many voiced concerns when the platform had been left stranded at the reef site for over 24 hours.

EPA on the other hand, affirms it is assessing for any damages to the reef. The authority added it will be taking action in accordance to the regulations, if the assessment reveals damage to the reef.

It was reported that the platform crashed on top of the reef after its anchor chain broke.

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