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Mode of transportation

by Mohamed Rehan

16 November 2021, MVT 09:15
How to be a frugal traveler and still enjoy your trips
16 November 2021, MVT 09:15

We all love traveling around, visiting foreign and exotic locations. But flying off across your borders often can be extremely expensive if you are not careful enough. If you are planning to travel amid travel peak seasons when demand is on the rise then you have to be willing to spend extensively on flight fares as well as for accommodation – which is not feasible for everyone after all.

This does not mean you have to shelve your plans of visiting a different country for your vacation, in fact if you can plan it well then you can put the expenses under a budget and still manage to enjoy your holidays – that is what being frugal means anyway.

But how can you enjoy your vacation trips while you remain within a budget, when the most exclusive travel experiences often put some serious dent on your bank accounts. It’s simple if you can stick to a few travel principles and etiquettes.

Low-cost travel destinations

Perhaps you have been meaning to visit the tropical vegetation of the Bahamas or ski along the Alps in Switzerland. But that can wait until you are financially sound and if you are still in need of a getaway then do a research of the destinations you are planning to visit.

It is effective if you check various travel related forums and advisory sites to observe the best periods to visit the destinations you desire and the cheapest offers available.

If you can find a less-expensive alternative to a quintessential travel destination, then it can actually help you to save up your money to be used for a later trip which you can prepare on a grander scale.

Mode of transportation

Another important aspect when traveling outside of your hometown is the means from which you are traveling. It is not necessary for you to take the plane for your trip if there are cheaper options such as train or bus rides available.

So before you prepare for your next trip it will be helpful to do a research on the estimated expenses each of the traveling modes will incur on you.

Affordable accommodation

It is not necessary that you check in to the most exclusive and grandest of hotels while visiting an exotic location. Before you embark on your holiday, take some time to check for affordable accommodation options that also boast of positive reviews by previous and frequent travelers. The next time when you are visiting the beautiful Spanish countryside, you could save up significantly by doing a bit of your homework before the trip to check for lodgings that will grant longer stays without exceeding your budgetary restraints.

Tips on becoming a frugal traveler

How often have you inquired from your family and friends about a destination you are about to visit? If you do not practice this then perhaps now would be preferable to do so. Inquiring from people who have previous experiences in the destinations you are preparing to embark on will give you valuable insight about the place; including essential details such as important routes, landmark locations and affordable accommodation or even local contacts who can help you out during your vacation.

Checking for affordable flight times is another important tip on becoming a frugal traveler. If you analyze the aviation industry you will notice that flight fares vary depending on departure times.

When in Maldives

The Covid-19 pandemic is slowly weaning off and the global destinations are slowly opening up their borders to welcome international travelers. Maldives is one of the first tourism destinations which had opened its borders for international travelers – due to its geographical advantage granting physical social distancing as well as safety measures.

This has been the reason for the increment in international travelers to Maldives in 2021. The island nation is famous for its exclusive high-end tourist resorts which are often targeted towards travelers with considerable financial backing. Maldives tourism industry boasts several hospitality options ranging from safaris and liveaboards, boutique hotels and guesthouses as well as city hotels. A little research on prominent travel agencies or tour operators operating to Maldives will give you valuable insight such as local travel guide options, guesthouse destinations as well as affordable transport options to name a few.

So, if you are planning on becoming a frugal traveler and enjoy your trip then take heed of these essential travel tips and etiquettes.

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