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Maldives chief prosecutor asked to force age fraud probe against top judge

Mohamed Visham
26 June 2016, MVT 13:59
Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed. FILE PHOTO/PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
Mohamed Visham
26 June 2016, MVT 13:59

A letter was submitted to the Prosecutor General's office on Sunday seeking the intervention of the prosecutor general to force an investigation into an age fraud complaint involving a top court judge.

Controversial Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed was accused of changing his date of birth and renewing his national identity card. However, the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) rejected the case saying that it was a police matter.

The issue of Judge Hameed changing his date of birth to appear younger first emerged after a copy of his old passport and identity card surfaced on social media along with renewed passport and identity card.

According to the leaked documents, Judge Hameed had changed his date of birth to appear six years younger.

The letter submitted by an individual urged the PG office to issue an order forcing the ACC to investigate the case. The letter also argued that the case involved several government institutions.

Jugde Hameed was embroiled in a sex tape scandal after the tape, allegedly showing the judge committing adultery with an unidentified foreign woman, began circulating on social media.

However, he was cleared by both the police and the judicial watchdog due to lack of evidence.