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Addu achieves 90 percent inoculation rates, travel restrictions eased

Lamya Abdulla
02 November 2021, MVT 15:55
Aerial shot of Addue Square: even though the travel restrictions on Addu has been lifted the city is still under monitoring -- Photo: Nauty
Lamya Abdulla
02 November 2021, MVT 15:55

Travel restrictions placed on Addu City has been lifted after the city achieved fully vaccinated 90 percent of their eligible population.

The previous travel restrictions stated that a special permit is needed in order to travel between the connected islands, both via land and byferry trips as well. Member of Addu's City Council Ibrahim Shinaz informed Mihaaru News that that guideline has now been voided.

Further travel eases provided to Addu include not requiring PCR tests or prior permits before travelling to Addu, if the traveller have been fully vaccinated.

However, unvaccinated travellers will be required to complete mandatory quarantine if they are travelling to Addu. This is also applicable to people that visit Addu from islands that are under monitoring due to active Covid cases within the community.

Maldives have been inoculating everyone above the age of 12. Addu has now successfully vaccinated 90 percent of their eligible population.

Even though the travel restrictions placed on Addu has been lifted, the city is still under monitoring. Addu was placed under monitoring by Health Protection Agency (HPA) over a month ago due to a surge in cases.

As per the latest statistics shared by Addu Equatorial Hospital, over 200 people are Covid positive in Addu at the moment. Addu has suffered five Covid fatalities so far, four of them in October.

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