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State charges another over fighting in external conflict

Fathmath Shaahunaz
02 February 2017, MVT 15:57
A Maldivian jihadist pictured in Syria.
Fathmath Shaahunaz
02 February 2017, MVT 15:57

The state is prosecuting another individual on charges of participating in a war outside of the Maldives.

The state had requested to close the doors on the trials which began Thursday. It remains unclear in which war the defendant, Ahmed Naaiz, had allegedly fought.

According to the Prevention of Terrorism Act, taking part in any conflicts outside of the nation is a criminal offence. The state had filed the charges against Naaiz on January 10, marking the third such case.

Among the number of Maldivians currently fighting in the civil war in Syria, the deaths of some have been reported back to the country.

Other cases filed against people for taking part in external conflicts include three people who were arrested in Syria and returned to the Maldives, and another individual who had allegedly fought in Pakistan several years ago. Both trials are still ongoing.