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Gan Airport to not extend contract with AAA to operate Flying School in Maldives

Lamya Abdulla
02 June 2021, MVT 10:08
Aircrafts used by Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA) at Gan International Airport -- Photo: AAA
Lamya Abdulla
02 June 2021, MVT 10:08

Gan International Airport has decided not to extend the contract with the Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA).

With the decision, AAA's Flying School will have to be closed by next month.

Since 2009, AAA has been training pilots in Gan in their Flying Academy. The contract made with AAA had been extended once before, to end at July 2021.

Managing Director Gan International Airport Gairu Naseer told "Mihaaru" they do not plan to extend the contact they have with AAA as the accommodation blocks and classrooms designated for the Flying School were being used for other purposes.

"The development plan states that the place being used for the Flying School would be developed for a hotel. AAA does not want to move somewhere else. Due to reasons like this, we have decided to not extend the contract with AAA," Gairu had said.

He said AAA wants to use the said buildings long term. However as this was not possible at the moment, Gan International Airport had requested they move their premises to somewhere else within the airport.

Gairu did however say they have plans to establish a flying school in another area of Gan International Airport. They were currently in discussion with Civil Aviation Authority and Transport Ministry to provide a good solution to the students.

While the airport management has decided to not renew the contract with AAA, the flying school is looking for a Maldivian College to manage the establishment instead of the Sri Lanka owned AAA.

If AAA would like to start a flying school in another airport in Maldives, they would have to renew all the permits and contracts they have made with the government of Maldives.

While Gan International Airport has decided to forgo contract renewal, the students of the AAA Flying School has been criticizing the way AAA has been managing their education for a long period now. The pilot training program, projected to be completed within 18 months, have had some students enrolled over five years.