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Speaker Nasheed injured in explosion near his car

Lamya Abdulla
06 May 2021, MVT 21:02
Picture from the scene of explosion. PHOTO:
Lamya Abdulla
06 May 2021, MVT 21:02

An explosion took place on Thursday night, injuring Majilis Speaker and former President Mohamed Nasheed as he was getting into his car.

Local media’s report that he was taken to ADK hospital with injuries and is currently receiving treatment.

The hospital confirmed he was brought in at 2030hrs. Although they informed the public that his vitals are currently stable, no further details were issued at the time.

The explosion took nearby Majeedhee Magu meets Canary Magu, the road Nasheed's home Canaryge.

In addition to Nasheed, so far it is known that one of his bodyguards and a foreigner got injured in this attack.

Deputy Speaker of Majilis Eva Abdulla has confirmed Nasheed received injuries and has been taken to ADK to receive treatment. She assured that they would keep the public updated on his condition.

Images circulating on social media show vehicular damages and property damages, as well as blood on the scene.

Police closed off the area and are active on the scene in addition to Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF).

Police urged the public to refrain from going to the area for the time being. They also assured that they will be informing the public of further developments.

However, supports of the former President have gathered near ADK awaiting news on his condition.

Images from the scene depict vehicular damages and property damages, as well as blood on the scene.

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