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BML Community Fund develops Nature Park in Gdh.Hoadedhoo

Lamya Abdulla
27 April 2021, MVT 18:42
Dhigemahkoda Nature Park in Hoadedhoo -- Photo: BML
Lamya Abdulla
27 April 2021, MVT 18:42

Bank of Maldives (BML) Community Fund developed a nature park in Hoadedhoo, Gaaf Dhaalu Atoll.

"Dhigemahkoda" nature park, developed in the wetlands around the southeast part of the island, was opened on Monday.

This project was an initiative by Hoadedhoo Sports in order to preserve the wetlands, and provide an opportunity for visitors to experience the natural beauty of the place. It was also intended to raise awareness on the importance of preserving the environment for future generations to enjoy as well.

Under this project an 85 meter walkway was built, along with a viewing platform and benches within the park. Barbeque areas, and special areas designated to cut fish were also set here so that day excursions can be enjoyed.

Additionally, proper waste management options were established.

BBQ Area in Dhigemahkoda Nature Park -- Photo: BML

Mahdhoon Adam who won BML’s funding stated that their main goal was to develop the area in a manner that was least harmful to the environment.

"This area is developed so that in addition to the people of Hoadedhoo, the people of Madaveli can also enjoy it as the two islands are connected by a causeway. I hope people from both islands can enjoy this nature park," Mahdhoon said.

Introduced in 2019, Community Fund is a program intended to empower individuals and NGOs to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects.

Overall, BML has now provided funding for projects in 40 islands across the country.