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Saudi Arabia hails Maldives student for fluency in Arabic

Fathmath Shaahunaz
23 January 2017, MVT 09:35
Embassy of Saudi Arabia's official awards the gift of appreciation to Adam Mishal (R).
Fathmath Shaahunaz
23 January 2017, MVT 09:35

The Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the Maldives, Bader Ali Alkahail, awarded USD 1000 to a student of Arabiyya School on Sunday in appreciation of his fluency in Arabic.

The Ambassador had taken note of Adam Mishal’s Arabic speaking skills when the latter had hosted the ceremony last week Sunday where Saudi Arabia delivered Arabic language teachers to the Ministry of Education. Ambassador Alkahail had highly praised Mishal’s proficiency in the language during the function.

The award was presented to Mishal by a senior official of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia at a special ceremony held in Arabiyya School. The gift of appreciation included a golden copy of the Holy Quran in addition to USD 1000.

Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the Maldives, Bader Ali Alkahail (L): he awarded USD 1000 to Adam Mishal of Arabiyya School in appreciation of Mishal's fluency in Arabic lanuguage. PHOTO/EDUCATION MINISTRY

Arabiyya School’s Principal Nasrullah Musthafa said this is a great honour and good name to the school, stating that Mishal’s achievement also highlighted the priority given to the advancement of Arabic language by the government.

“This will also greatly encourage other students to learn Arabic language.”

Mishal is a 12th grader who holds senior posts in the school. He has also accomplished the feat of memorising the Holy Quran.

Saudi Arabia is a close ally of the Maldives and has been a constant source of aid in advancing Arabic education in the archipelago. Recently, the kingdom sent seventeen teachers to work in the Maldives’ education sector, and plans to establish an Arabic language centre that offers free language courses in the nation.