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Maldivian flight becomes first aircraft to land at Maliku

Shahudha Mohamed
29 December 2020, MVT 18:14
A seaplane of Maldivian Airlines lands in Minicoy, making history as first ever airline to travel to the island. PHOTO: MALDIVIAN
Shahudha Mohamed
29 December 2020, MVT 18:14

In a historic first, national airline Maldivian operated a flight to India's Minicoy on Monday.

Locally known as Maliku, Minicoy lies 125 km north of Maldives' northernmost island Thuraakunu, situated in Haa Alif Atoll.

According to Maldivian, the seaplane landed in Maliku during a chartered flight to the neighbouring countries Ahmedabad. The flight was chartered by India's budget airline Spice Jet.

The airline celebrated this voyage on its social media channels, celebrating that the seaplane crew for this flight consisted entirely of locals.

Translation: The flight to India's Maliku, with a Maldivian crew, is a historic flight. Prior to this, it has not been recorded that any flight has landed at Maliku.

Judging from the photographs publicised by the airline, a temporary platform had been developed in Maliku for the seaplane landing.

Minicoy, although recognized as an island in India's Lakshadweep, shares much in common with Maldives especially with regards to aspects of ancestry, culture and language.

Prior to the seaplane landing, travel to Maliku was restricted to sea routes.

Recent times has seen some aviation collaboration between the two neighbouring nations. In October, India commenced seaplane services in the country with the aid of Maldivian airlines. The seaplane operations conducted by Spice Jet travel between Narmada district in Kevadia and Ahmedabad.