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Five under prosecution over child beaten to death by mother

Aishath Mihna Nasih
17 January 2017, MVT 11:41
The iconic photograph of three-year-old Mohamed Ibthihaal who was beaten to death by his mother after repeated abuse. PHOTO: ASAD PHOTOGRAPHY
Aishath Mihna Nasih
17 January 2017, MVT 11:41

The Prosecutor General is pressing charges against five individuals over the murder of Mohamed Ibthihaal of Vaavu atoll Rakeedhoo island, the three year old boy who had been beaten to death by his mother.

The five people are Lisaan Aboobakr of Baa atoll Eydhafushi island, Aminatha Shiyaza of Vaavu atoll Fulidhoo island, Ahmed Shuzadh of Gaafu Dhaal atoll Fiyori island, Mohamed Rasheed of Gaafu Alif atoll Dhevadhoo island and Mohamed Shakeeb of Faafu atoll Feeali island.

Aminath Shiyaza and Ahmed Shuhadh are former staff of the Ministry of Gender and Family, while Mohamed Rasheed and Mohamed Shakeeb are current employed at the ministry. Lisaan Aboobakr is the acting Commander of Maldives Police Northern Station designated to Vaavu atoll.

Excluding Lisaan, all the others are charged with the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, Child Protection Act and Subject 88/D of the Penal Code.

Lisaan is charged with Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, Child Protection Act and Police Constitution.

Subject 88 of the Penal Code regards the disobedience to a legal order or an order of Islamic law. The section D states that if a person loses their life due to such an issue, the penalty is the same as stated in Islamic law.

Ibthihaal’s mother, Afiya Mohamed, is charged with first degree murder for beating her child to death and she admitted to her charges last year January. She had made a horrific yet detailed confession, describing how she had strangled, punched and kicked her three-year-old sleeping child when she came home on that fateful day. Afiya had said she hated her son as he was born out of wedlock.

Meanwhile, some suspect that the Gender Ministry and other several authorities had failed to take responsibility of the situation, which had led to Ibthihaal's death.