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President Solih appoints four new members to NIC

Mariyam Malsa
26 October 2020, MVT 16:59
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and the newly appointed members of the NIC. PHOTO: PRESIDENCY MALDIVES
Mariyam Malsa
26 October 2020, MVT 16:59

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Monday, appointed four members to the National Integrity Commission (NIC).

He presented the new members with their letters of appointment at a special ceremony held at the President’s Office.

The newly appointed members include Gasim Abdul Kareem, Aminath Shadiya, Ashiyath Shiuna and Shuaib Abdul Rahman.

President Solih had submitted the names of 17 nominees to the parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions in August.

Following evaluation and approval, the parliamentary committee finalised a list of seven nominees, out of which the parliament granted approval to Aminath Shadiya, Aminath Shiuna and Shuaib Abdul Rahman.

Gasim, the individual responsible for uncovering the MVR 1.3 billion corruption scandal of the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Company (MMPRC), was nominated for a seat on the commission after the initial submission of names. All 51 parliamentarians attending the vote approved his appointment to the NIC.

The previous administration had sentenced Gasim, a former assistant manager at Bank of Maldives’ Nilandhoo Branch, Faafu Atoll, with an eight-month and 12-day prison sentence for unlawfully disclosing private information, on November 15, 2016. He was released after the completion of the sentence.

NIC slots were left vacant after a parliamentary report pushed for the dismissal of four commission members, citing failure to carry out their mandated duties.

Then-Vice President Hassaan Hameed and members Khadheeja Abdulla and Ahmed Ameen resigned from the NIC after the parliament endorsed the proposal in July, advising President Solih to dismiss them. The commission's president, Ahmed Sulaiman, was sacked on August 10 by President Solih.

One of the key arguments for the dismissals was NIC's failure to investigate police negligence concerning the disappearance of journalist Ahmed Rilwan, despite probable cause for suspicion.

Only Colonel (Retired) Ahmed Jihad remained on the NIC following the aforementioned dismissals and resignations. He was appointed in late 2019 by the incumbent administration.

NIC acts as a watchdog for four state institutions: Maldives Police Service, Department of Immigration and Emigration, Maldives Correctional Service, and Maldives Customs Service.