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JSC moves to investigate S. Meedhoo Chief Magistrate, Fuvahmulah Magistrate

Ahmed Aiham
14 October 2020, MVT 12:36
The signage for the Department of Judicial Administration and the Judicial Service Commission. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
14 October 2020, MVT 12:36

Judicial Service Commission (JSC), on Tuesday, announced its decision to investigate accusations lifted against Ahmed Akram, the Chief Magistrate of Seenu Atoll's Meedhoo judicial constituency, as well as Mohamed Thayyib, a Magistrate serving on the Fuvahmulah Magistrate Court.

The decision to conduct the probe was confirmed after concerns regarding the two magistrates were flagged during two separate meetings held by the JSC on October 7 and 11.

According to JSC, the commission will investigate claims that Chief Magistrate Akram had issued an unlawful verdict during a remand hearing.

JSC also noted that Magistrate Thayyib was accused of penning additional details to an already published judgment summary report, as well as recusing himself from a case after providing false information.

In addition to the above, JSC has also confirmed to be presently probing a number of cases involving judges of other courts.

The commission had in the past terminated some justices over disciplinary violations.