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CEO of National Drug Agency resigns over slander, death threats

Shahudha Mohamed
28 September 2020, MVT 08:49
National Drug Agency (NDA) which offers rehabilitation and reintegration programmes for drug abusers. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
28 September 2020, MVT 08:49

The Chief Executive Officer of National Drug Agency (NDA) Hassan Shaheel, resigned from his position on Sunday, stating that a group of individuals were threatening and slandering him through drug users.

In a letter addressed to the Chairman of NDA’s board Abdul Hameed and also submitted to Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services and the President’s Office, Shaheel wrote that, despite the mutiple challenges, he had worked diligently during his time as CEO, denying any acts of influence, bias or corruption.

Shaheel was appointed as NDA’s CEO in September 2014, during former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s administration. Although he was initially appointed for a three-year period, his tenure was further extended for another three years based on his performance.

According to Shaheel, individuals with a personal agenda were using a group of drug abusers to spread false allegations against him on social media, in addition to harassing him on the road with threats.

“Even though I have been working as NDA’s CEO for five years, I have never experienced something like this before”, he wrote in the letter, adding that the recent threats and false allegations had made him hesitant to continue serving at the same post.

He also expressed his belief that the perpetrators may harm him in attempts to remove him from his post.

Shaheel noted that he had submitted his resignation in June as well, but retracted it upon request by senior officials related to NDA. However, he stated that he declines to remain at the CEO position, taking the current situation into account.