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JSC formulates new guidelines on appointing chief judges

Ahmed Aiham
24 September 2020, MVT 19:09
The signage for the Department of Judicial Administration and the Judicial Service Commission. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
24 September 2020, MVT 19:09

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC), on Wednesday, began implementing a newly formulated guideline on appointing chief judges.

According to JSC, chief judges will henceforth be appointed after reaching a consensus among commission members, following the initial interview process.

Furthermore, JSC revealed that judges who score higher than their peers during the selection process would be prioritized during the appointment approval voting process. Should multiple judges receive the same score, JSC will then factor in the time, if any, he or she has served as an adjudicator.

JSC introduced these regulations at a time when the commission faces stark criticism over the contentious appointment of Judge Adam Mohamed as the High Court's temporary Chief Judge.

However, on the aforementioned issue, JSC has maintained that the appointment was not in violation of any guidelines.

Till date, the Criminal Court, High Court and the Family Court are yet to formally appoint a chief judge.