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Former President Nasheed publishes 'Dhe Radhun' historical treatise

Mariyam Malsa
19 August 2020, MVT 13:56
Mariyam Malsa
19 August 2020, MVT 13:56

Current Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, on Wednesday, released 'Dhe Radhun', an account of Maldivian history between 1800 and 1900.

The book's title translates to 'Two Kings' and its content revolves around internal events and political developments spanning the terms of seven monarchs.

Copies of the much-anticipated book will be available at several bookstores in the capital city of Male' from 1145 hrs onwards.

Additionally, the former president has scheduled book signings throughout Wednesday, including events at Novelty Bookshop, Million Bookshop, Asrafee Bookshop, Chandelier Bookshop, Raadha Bookshop and Citron restaurant.

Nasheed signing a copy of his book at Novelty bookshop on Wednesday. PHOTO: TWITTER

Historian and part-time lecturer Alaa Didi described Nasheed's latest publication as a useful resource for local history buffs as well as students of political science and international relations.

The former president is a well known and avid history enthusiast, having written numerous articles shedding light on Maldives' colourful past during his times as a journalist.

Tweet from the official twitter account for "Dhe Radhun", alluding to politically motivated marriages - a key topic of the book.

In fact, the now world-famous politician's first stint in jail was over an article he wrote for political magazine 'Sangu' on vote-rigging during the 1989 General election, which was published in 1991.

While incarcerated during previous administrations, Nasheed spent significant amounts of time studying and produced three books on Maldivian history.

After several years of being active in politics, including his involvement in the formation of Maldivian Democratic Pary (MDP), Nasheed served as Maldives' first democratically elected president from 2008 to 2012.