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Immigration mandates health declaration for travellers to Maldives

Fathmath Shaahunaz
15 July 2020, MVT 13:42
Tourists arriving in Maldives following the reopening of borders. PHOTO: LUCAS JALEEL/TWITTER
Fathmath Shaahunaz
15 July 2020, MVT 13:42

Maldives Immigration declared Wednesday that all travellers to the island nation must submit a self-declarative health declaration within 24 hours prior to their travel.

As the country reopened its borders on Wednesday, Immigration introduced the 'Traveller Health Declaration' in order to mitigate health risks amid the COVID-19 pandemic and ease immigration procedures.

According to Immigration, the declaration will expedite the process of pre-arrival and pre-departure health information of travellers, as per the health and safety guidelines established in Maldives.

Travellers can fill and submit their health declarations via Immigration's online portal 'Imuga' at, or by visiting Maldives Immigration's website, and then selecting 'Imuga' from the Menu Bar.

The 'Traveller Health Declaration' is mandatory for all travellers including tourists, work visa and other visa holders, as well as locals.

As with numerous countries around the world, in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Maldives closed its air and sea borders to tourist arrivals on March 27, halting the issuance of on-arrival visas.

The country lifted all restrictions imposed on international travel on Wednesday in a bid to kickstart tourism and the nation's economy, which were at a deadlock for nearly four months.

Prior to the lockdown, the government projections for tourism earlier this year were overwhelmingly positive with aims to reach two million tourist arrivals in 2020 and toppling 2019’s record of 1.7 million.

Presently, the government aims to attract 900,000 tourists to Maldives during the remaining months of 2020.