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Former president withdraws police report against MDP activist

Mariyam Malsa
16 June 2020, MVT 21:28
president mohamed waheed / dr mohamed waheed
Mariyam Malsa
16 June 2020, MVT 21:28

Former President Mohamed Waheed, on Tuesday, withdrew a police report lodged against an activist from the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) over verbal harassment.

The former president attributed his decision to being made aware that the activist in question struggled with mental and physical trauma possibly as a result of police brutality.

On Sunday, Dr Waheed made a public statement alleging that the MDP activist had stalked and verbally harassed both him and his spouse, the former First Lady Ilham Hussain, using obscene language.

The incident took place while the couple was out for a morning walk by the swimming track on the southern coast of capital Male' City. Dr Waheed disclosed that his security personnel had immediately filed a police report over the incident.

Parliament Representative for Raa Atoll's Ungoofaaru Constituency MP Mohamed Waheed, submitted an emergency motion on Monday, claiming that Dr Waheed's police report was "fraudulent".

During the debate held over the motion, the MP stated that the former president's initial tweet regarding the incident, which used the term "attack", was a "blatant lie" as it wrongly insinuated that MDP activist Ibrahim 'Joarey' Jaufar had physically assaulted the two.

The tweet also sparked public criticism for the same reason.

The parliamentarian went on to state that Jaufar had suffered injustice during the MDP-led protest held after former President Mohamed Nasheed's controversial resignation on February 7, 2012, adding that Dr Waheed's police report against Jaufar was another form of unjust harm brought upon an ordinary citizen.

Dr Waheed was deputy to former President Nasheed until the latter's controversial resignation in 2012, which brought Waheed under fire from Nasheed's party MDP upon assumption of office. Waheed's brief tenure as president lasted until the election of former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom in November 2013.