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Maldives' judiciary a "modern" system: Chief Justice

Aishath Mihna Nasih
06 December 2016, MVT 10:43
Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed speaking at the Colloquium PHOTO: President Office
Aishath Mihna Nasih
06 December 2016, MVT 10:43

Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed declared that the Maldivian Judiciary is a modern system during his speech at the ‘Doing Business in Maldives - A Judicial Perspective’ Colloquium.

The Chief Justice stated that the judiciary’s productivity is measured in the World Bank's Quality of Justice Process Index, which includes the extent of treaties being enforced and the solutions brought about by the judiciary for business related disputes.

Chief Justice Saeed also highlighted a research done by the World BanK and Oxford University, which emphasizes the relation between an independent judiciary and economic growth.

“If the judiciary is strengthened, small and medium enterprises will benefit more.”

The Chief Justice further said that during the past three years, the judicial system has witnessed a major overhaul to meet the demands of increasing trade and financial transactions in the Maldives.

The efforts have led to a modern day system that enables swift justice, Judge Saeed noted.

Moreover, stressing the developments made to modernize the Maldivian Judiciary, Chief Justice said one of the key indicators in the World Bank's Quality of Justice Process Index is the level and success of an alternative dispute resolution system.

He singled out that the dispute resolution introduced to the Civil Court has seen 48 percent of the cases resolved without trial.

The country is nearing the completion of an automated case management system which, according to the Chief Justice, is the second top World Bank indicator.

Proclaiming that this project would be the biggest area network in the country, Judge Saeed said the area network would connect over 100 magistrate courts with the Department of Judicial Administration via an integrated communications network.

Underlining the case clearance rate, Chief Justice Saeed said that the rate has improved from 80 to 110 within the past year.

He also claimed that the Maldivian Judiciary has the best Regional Backlog. However, President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom requested to expedite resolving cases related to business after the Chief Justice’s speech.

Though Chief Justice Saeed proclaimed that the Maldives has a contemporary Justice System, the system has been gaining heavy criticism from overseas and NGOs as well.