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Higher Education Ministry urges self-funded students abroad to register

Mariyam Malsa
19 May 2020, MVT 13:58
Minister of Higher Education Dr Ibrahim Hassan. PHOTO: AHMED AWSHAN ILYAS
Mariyam Malsa
19 May 2020, MVT 13:58

The Ministry of Higher Education, on Monday, issued a request for all self-funded Maldivian students currently residing abroad for higher education purposes to register themselves with the ministry.

Students were urged to register via a link on the ministry website as swiftly as possible.

The ministry asserted that possessing information concerning self-funded students would expedite decision making and streamline the implementation of polices amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, it added that the information would facilitate the provision of assistance and any other necessary interaction.

On May 14, the Ministry of Higher Education confirmed its decision to provide financial aid to Maldivians studying in foreign countries, if they require support during the economic regression resulting from the pandemic.

Self-funded students, as well as those supported via private sponsors, are eligible for the assistance for a two-month period.

In April, the ministry assured that students on scholarships, under student loans and undergraduates enrolled in any of the ministry’s various educational schemes, would continue to receive financial support as previously scheduled.

Highlighting ongoing efforts to establish an online portal for issuing payments for students, the ministry at the time reiterated its call to these students to submit applications for the online payment scheme and register at their portal.