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Shaheem's 'Quran Challenge' takes off on social media

Shahudha Mohamed
03 April 2020, MVT 08:50
Former Minister of Islamic Affairs Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed initiated the Quran challenge. PHOTO: PPM
Shahudha Mohamed
03 April 2020, MVT 08:50

The 'Quran Challenge' initiated by the former Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has gained significant momentum across social platforms, resulting in locals flooding Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with recitals of Quran.

People of all ages, from children to political leaders, are participating in the challenge which Shaheem initiated as, in his words, a spiritual act intended to "draw one closer to Allah", at a time when people are being advised to remain confined in their homes due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic.

The tweet that kicked off the Quran Challenge. VIDEO: TWITTER

With many practising social distancing and self-isolation in order to 'flatten the curve' and prevent the virus from spreading, a number of recreational pursuits have taken the social media world by storm. One of the most-watched such chain-videos was a 'Toilet Paper Challenge' where participants kicked a toilet paper as many times as they could without letting it hit the floor.

Vice President Faisal Naseem, several cabinet ministers and some MPs also took part in the TP competition, however, it also racked up certain controversy over viewers claiming that it "highlighted wealth inequality", and was a "waste of time", while some even suggested that it was "wasteful".

Other notable challenges include the Until Tomorrow photo challenge, the Football Person photo challenge, the Bodies of Water photo challenge and more.

As participation continues to grow, Quran challenge has sealed its place as the most popular challenge currently being circulated in Maldivian digital space.

Former PM Alhan Fahmy also took part in the Quran Challenge. VIDEO: TWITTER

The aim of the challenge is to achieve a complete recitation of the Holy Quran. Participants recite a few verses from the Quran and post it on social media, nominating another individual to continue on for the challenge. The person who is tagged must then accept the challenge and 'carry the torch'.

Speaking to local media Mihaaru, Shaheem noted that he thought of the challenge as a means of encouraging Maldivians to find comfort in their faith during distressing times.

As more time spent at home these days usually means more time spent on social media, Shaheem also hoped to flood media platforms with Quranic verses.

"[We will] hear people's recitations. Everyone will earn spiritual reward [out of this]", Shaheem said.