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Hackers leak state emails and passwords

18 February 2020, MVT 11:41
Hackers have released a large number of state emails and passwords. PHOTO: MIHAARU FILES
18 February 2020, MVT 11:41

Hackers leaked over hundreds of emails, usernames and passwords belonging to Maldivian state institutions in addition to some from other countries.

State employees' emails and passwords make up the bulk of the leaks. Some of the confidential details belong to individuals who are no longer employed at their former institutions.

The public brought the issue to the attention of the administration.

Noting that the confidential data was leaked about two to three weeks ago, a top official from the Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology assured that there was no threat to important data managed by the state.

"National Data Centre does not face the danger of a data breach", he asserted, assuring that the data was protected.

Despite this assurance, the official noted that the protective measures for emails and passwords in government offices were less than satisfactory. He added that a memo will be distributed to all offices to increase security on such matters.