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Storm surges in Holhudhoo flood multiple homes

Shahudha Mohamed
12 February 2020, MVT 21:05
Streets in Holhudhoo, Noonu Atoll, flooded by storm surges. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
12 February 2020, MVT 21:05

Deputy President of the Holhudhoo Island Council Mohamed Afrah confirmed that over 15 houses sustained damages in the storm surges that flooded the island in Noonu Atoll.

Speaking to local media Mihaaru, the councillor stated that the island saw some of the worst floodings on Tuesday night, adding that the water reached four feet on some roads.

"The southeastern side of the island sometimes get flooded with the strong winds of the northeast monsoon", Afrah said.

"We have now informed the relevant authorities about the situation".

Storm surges flooded the island of Holhudhoo between 0030hrs ad 0330 hrs.

According to Afrah, sandbags were placed around 22 homes, with the help of Maldives Police Service, to stop the homes from getting flooded.

Noting that seven homes were severely affected, the councillor further explained that the details of the damage will be assessed on Wednesday.

Since the forecast predicts bad weather until Friday, Afrah stated that the council was monitoring the situation closely.