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Protesters demand action against child abuse

Mariyam Malsa
25 January 2020, MVT 13:05
People holding signboards during Friday's protest. PHOTO: MV CRISIS
Mariyam Malsa
25 January 2020, MVT 13:05

A group of young people rallied on Friday, demanding swift justice for victims of child sexual abuse and stringent measures to be taken against perpetrators of child sexual violence.

The protesters gathered at the artificial beach in the capital city of Male' with placards expressing sentiments against rape and sexual abuse such as "No mercy to rapists" and "rape is worse than several deaths".

A similar protest was held a week earlier on January 17 during which demonstrators expressed outrage over the sexual violence case involving a two-year old and her grandfather and great-grandfather in Kanduhulhudhoo, Gaafu Alifu Atoll.

The two men have since been arrested on child sexual abuse charges, while the victim's father was taken into custody over allegations of negligence.

While the aforementioned case sparked widespread outrage and harsh criticism against the government, several other sexual abuse cases involving children came to light over the past week.

Public sentiment has remained focus on authorities’ negligence and their failure to take appropriate measures to curb sexual violence against children.