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Brown widow spiders found in Kaafu Atoll

Nafaahath Ibrahim
23 January 2020, MVT 09:34
Brown widow spider. PHOTO: POLICE
Nafaahath Ibrahim
23 January 2020, MVT 09:34

Ministry of Health on Wednesday urged citizens to be cautious after discovering brown widow spiders from some islands in Kaafu Atoll.

The brown widow spider, which belongs to the black widow family, was first found in Maafushi, Kaafu Atoll. As per the ministry, more specimens were again found in Thulusdhoo and Huraa, in the same atoll.

The ministry urged people to use fire to destroy eggs and nests if any were found.

Nests of brown widow spider. PHOTO: POLICE

Areas bitten by the brown widow spider bites will appear as red marks that sting slightly. Additional symptoms include breathing difficulties, sweating, headache, nausea and muscle cramps.

Brown widows are commonly found in countries in the African and South American continents.

Health Ministry and Vector Control Unit are working to eliminate them.