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Police, locals rescue beached whale in Villimale'

Ali Shareef
17 January 2020, MVT 21:40
Whale beached ashore in Vilimale was rescued by police with help from local residents on Friday.
Ali Shareef
17 January 2020, MVT 21:40

The police and locals, on Friday, rescued a whale found alive, washed up near the southwest beach in Villimale’.

As reported in local news media, Sun, the police received report of the whale, which was found in the shallows, at 0420 hrs.

Officers from Villimale' Police Station and local residents helped rescue the whale and guide it back to open water.

Experts say that the whale was likely a young Humpback Whale, based on the estimated size of the body and shape of dorsal fin.

Some allege whale stranding likelier to occur during the month of January in Maldives. However, whales previously found beached in Maldives are rarely alive.