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Housing ministry, NSPA sign nondisclosure deal on information sharing

Fathmath Shaahunaz
18 January 2020, MVT 09:36
State Housing Minister Ahmed Nasheed (R) and NSPA's Deputy CEO Rugiyya Mohamed sign non-disclosure agreement on information sharing. PHOTO/HOUSING MINISTRY
Fathmath Shaahunaz
18 January 2020, MVT 09:36

Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) on Thursday signed a non-disclosure agreement to share information on individuals that receive state financial aid.

As per the agreement, which was signed by State Minister Ahmed Nasheed and NSPA's Deputy CEO Rugiyya Mohamed, NSPA will provide details on individuals who receive state financial support for the housing ministry's online portal, 'Magey Hiyaavahi'.

Accordingly, NSPA will share information regarding single mothers, people with disabilities, children of poor parents who are being raised by other parties, and individuals that receive financial support to purchase food, among others.

The information cannot be utilised for any means other than 'Magey Hiyaavahi', and the agreement further stipulates confidentiality of the details provided.

The ministry further revealed that NSPA will share information with the portal via a special electronic system. Moreover, registration on the portal demands an agreement to maintain confidentiality of the information shared within.

'Magey Hiyaavahi' is an online portal that allows citizens to apply for state housing schemes without waiting in queue, and assures equal chances for all. Currently, there are over 9,700 individuals registered on the portal.