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Addu Equatorial Hospital commence services

Nafaahath Ibrahim
15 January 2020, MVT 21:47
A consultation room in Addu Equatorial Hospital. FACEBOOK PHOTO: DEPUTY MINISTER OF HEALTH NISHA MOHAMED
Nafaahath Ibrahim
15 January 2020, MVT 21:47

The new tertiary hospital 'Addu Equitorial Hospital' (AIH) in Addu City on Wednesday commenced some of the services.

As per a statement released by Hithadhoo Regional Hospital (HRH), consultations for 11 of the hospital's services will be available at AIH from Wednesday onwards.

Departments giving services in AIH:

- General Practitioner

- Dentistry

- Radiology

- Paediatrics

- Surgery


- Orthopaedics

- Psychiatry

- Gynaecology

- Dermatology

Once AIH is fully operational, HRH will no longer be giving services.

However, Ophthalmology and Internal Medicine services will continue to be given by HRH as of now.

General Consultations will be done from 0800hrs to 1600hrs from AIH and then will continue from 1600hrs to 2200hrs at HRH.

Additionally, Emergency Services will continue to be available 24 hours from HRH.

Although the hospital is partially opened, construction will continue to complete all remaining work at AIH.