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EC decides to decrease number of ballot papers for local council election

Nafaahath Ibrahim
07 January 2020, MVT 18:05
Vote counting during local council elections. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
07 January 2020, MVT 18:05

Elections Commission (EC) revealed that changes were brought to the voting procedure for the Local Council Elections and that the number of ballot papers to be printed was decreased.

Previously, two separate ballot papers were allocated to cast votes for the island council and atoll council. However a single ballot paper will be for the Local Council Elections slated for April 4.

Likewise, in the city council elections, one ballot paper will be used to cast votes for mayors and city councillors.

Meanwhile voting for island council and seats allocated from the councils specifically for women will be done on a single ballot paper.

According to the Vice President of EC Ahmed Akram, these changes were brought to ease the voting process for the people. He added that if voting for island and atoll councils were to be done separately, it would be more time-consuming.

"This would be more convenient for voters and less time would be spent on counting votes as well."

Had EC been following the previous regulations, over millions of ballot papers would need to be printed for the upcoming election. Due to the changes brought, this figure was cut down to a number between 500,000 and 600,000.