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Pakistan denies involvement in Maldives' foreign affairs

Shahudha Mohamed
13 December 2019, MVT 16:49
Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in capital Male'. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
13 December 2019, MVT 16:49

The Maldivian Embassy in Pakistan declared on Thursday that Pakistan has not meddled in Maldives' foreign affairs and carried out any acts that may compromise the freedom of the island nation.

This statement was released as a response to the questions posed by some Maldivian media outlets, regarding Pakistan's influence on the Maldives' foreign affairs.

The embassy noted that it was part of Pakistan's foreign policy not to meddle in the diplomatic affairs of another country and this applied to Maldives as well.

Pakistan's statement further clarified that the country was extending invitations for delegations from various areas in order to strengthen Maldives-Pakistan relations, noting that such delegations from the current Maldivian government visited on such invitation as well.

The embassy denied all rumours being circulated on social media, claiming that Pakistan and China were attempting to defame the Maldivian government.

Noting that Pakistan did not perpetrate any such propaganda on social media, the statement alleged that rumours connecting Pakistan to terrorism and other crimes were spread to tarnish the country's reputation.

The embassy stated that Pakistan always respected the Islamic unity and independence of Maldives and will never compromise the freedom and security of the island nation.