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MWSC claims sewage leakage issue resolved

Shahudha Mohamed
12 December 2019, MVT 18:11
Shahudha Mohamed
12 December 2019, MVT 18:11

Managing Director of Male' Water and Sewerage Company Pvt Ltd (MWSC) Adam Azim, on Thursday, stated that the issue of sewage leaking out to the roads of capital Male' was temporarily resolved.

Speaking at a news conference held by MWSC, Azim noted that the company received several complaints about sewage leakage but the issue was temporarily solved through a short-term plan.

He explained that there were various challenges in maintaining the sewerage system due to the increasing population in Male', especially since the system is aged.

According to the MD, the sewage overflow occurs because roof drain pipes of some buildings and houses are illegally connected to the system.

Azim stated that such acts of negligence by a few people resulted in inconveniences for several citizens.

"Everyone has a civic responsibility. [I] urge all citizens to fulfil this responsibility."

However, he stated that the system must be maintained well-enough to prevent sewage leakage.

Noting the necessity of a permanent solution considering continued increases in the capital city's population, Azim assured that a sewerage system with the capacity to sustain a population of 300,000 residents would be established within two years.

He stated that pipes will be replaced and new pump stations will be built under this costly project, which is scheduled to conclude before 2022.