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Vice President Faisal inaugurates 'Riveli Exhibition'

04 December 2019, MVT 22:40
Vice President Faisal Naseem inaugurated the 'Riveli Exhibition' organised for people with disabilities. PHOTO: PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
04 December 2019, MVT 22:40

Vice President Faisal Naseem, on Tuesday, inaugurated the two-day 'Riveli Exhibition' organised by the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services for people with disabilities at the National Art Gallery.

During the opening ceremony, VP Faisal noted the need for due diligence in encouraging and empowering persons with disabilities to realize their full potential, adding that many barriers are in place which reduces opportunities for a person with disabilities.

In addition to conferring various certificates and awards to top winners of the exhibition, Vice President Faisal officially declared Ahmed Hishan as the 'Disability Honorary Ambassador'.

Painting a special emphasis on creativity and innovation, VP Faisal encouraged individuals to pursue their creative talent.

Moreover, he stressed the importance of the government, the private sector and the civil society in improving the quality of life for a disabled individual.

According to the Vice President, the current administration envisions to develop services within the field of education, healthcare and employment dedicated to persons with disabilities in their respective islands.