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The Marina at Crossroads to showcase best of local artistry from Fannu Expo

Shahudha Mohamed
30 November 2019, MVT 13:19
Shahudha Mohamed
30 November 2019, MVT 13:19

Crossroads Maldives on November 27 revealed that preparations were underway to transfer selected works exhibited at Fannu Expo to the integrated leisure island for display at Crossroad's Cultural Centre.

Management from Crossroads, Singha Estate Developers visit and inspect the local handicrafts and speak with the local artists at Fannu Expo. PHOTO: MARCOMMS

Speaking to the press at the expo, Dr. Chayanin Debhakam, Director of Singha Estate Company Limited, accompanied by Crossroads' Chief Operating Officer Mr. Thiti Thongbenjamas, spoke extensively about how much of the local they had discovered at Fannu Expo could be utilised to showcase Maldivian culture.

"Our team is working very hard to get the products at [Fannu Expo] to crossroads so we can showcase it to our guests", said Dr. Debhakam.

Debhakam stated that the crafts to be displayed at Crossroad's Cultural Centre will be handpicked by a special team after interviewing participants from each and every atoll.

A stall at Fannu Expo 2019, featuring jewelry inspired by the local art of 'Liyelaa Jehun' or intricate lacquer work. PHOTO: MIHAARU

He emphasised that, first and foremost, priority will be given to authentic local art forms that are being lost to the times.

"Secondly, we need to be able to make sure that we can provide the products to our guests and the money will go back to the community". Debhakam iterated his belief that such a system could encourage the children of that particular community to learn and revive the handicraft in a sustainable manner.

Management from Crossroads, Singha Estate Developer pose with organizers of Fannu Expo. PHOTO: MARCOMMS

Highlighting the various notable forms of craft displayed at Dharubaaruge, the crossroads management expressed hope that the expo would be held annually. With Crossroads as one of the main sponsors, Fannu Expo was the largest art event held in Maldives during 2019, presenting local talent from all over the archipelago under a single roof, attracting a large number of visitors as well.