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Physiotherapist suspended over alleged sexual assault

13 November 2019, MVT 15:05
Physiotherapy gym at Dharumavantha Hospital. FILE PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED / MIHAARU
13 November 2019, MVT 15:05

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) on Wednesday announced the suspension of a physiotherapist at Dharumavantha Hospital, who is accused of sexually assaulting a patient.

IGMH's spokesperson confirmed that the accused physiotherapist was relieved of his duties immediately after the complaint was filed, and that he remains in suspension.

The official also disclosed that the hospital is currently probing the allegations, in addition to the police investigation.

According to Maldives Police Service, the physiotherapist is a 28-year-old Indian male. He has not been arrested.

Local media Mihaaru cited a source that the victim, a 19-year-old woman, was assaulted on her second day of physiotherapy, and that the physiotherapist had attempted to rape her. According to the source, the victim is currently seeking counselling for the trauma.

While IGMH has suspended the physiotherapist as per its policy, the hospital refuted the accusation that the physiotherapist had attempted to rape the patient.

In a press statement, IGMH stated that it reported the case to the police after a group of people had violently and publicly attacked the physiotherapist on the day he was accused of the assault. IGMH also claimed that the accused was beaten and coerced into admitting he had committed such an act, which was recorded on video.

Declaring that patient security and protection is of highest priority to the hospital, IGMH stated that the case would be investigated with utmost seriousness. The hospital further assured that it has and will continue to take immediate and necessary action against offenders.