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Speedboat capsizes in Dhaalu Atoll, one dead

Mariyam Malsa
10 November 2019, MVT 20:32
The area in Dhaalu Atoll where the speedboat capsized.
Mariyam Malsa
10 November 2019, MVT 20:32

Maldives Police Service, on Sunday, revealed that a speedboat capsized in the waters of Dhaalu Atoll, killing one Swedish tourist.

While the incident was reported approximately 1610 hours, a total of two locals and four Swedish tourists were aboard the vessel when it capsized.

The remaining men are currently being treated at Kudahuvadhoo Hospital in Dhaalu Atoll.

The incident occurred when the speedboat, which set off for fishing activities, steered too close to the reef and was knocked over by a wave despite generally calm conditions at sea.

The police are conducting further investigations into the matter.