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Wife questioned as suspect in Shafeeu's disappearance

Shahudha Mohamed
28 October 2019, MVT 14:37
Mohamed Shafeeu, 42, disappeared two years ago. Presidential Commission on Investigation of Murders and Enforced Disappearances questioned Shafeeu's wife as a suspect in his disappearance. PHOTO: TWITTER
Shahudha Mohamed
28 October 2019, MVT 14:37

Presidential Commission on Investigation of Murders and Enforced Disappearances, on Sunday, questioned Aishath Nasheeda over the disappearance of her husband, Mohamed Shafeeu.

Shafeeu, aged 42, disappeared in Fuvahmulah on the night of July 14, 2017, and was not heard from since.

At the time, citizens of Fuvahmulah and Maldives Police Service conducted searches throughout the island and the waters surrounding it, but Shafeeu was not found.

The presidential commission reopened the probe into Shafeeu's disappearance, sending a team to Fuvahmulah last July for statements from those related to the case.

Following the progress into the probe, the commission summoned Nasheeda on Sunday for questioning.

According to one of Nasheeda's family members, she was questioned for a duration of six hours.

Moreover, Nasheeda's family accused the commission of holding her hostage without a lawyer and forcing her to answer their queries.

However, the commission has yet to make a statement about the matter.

Wife claims innocence

Speaking to local media Mihaaru, Nasheeda insisted that she is unaware of the whereabouts of Shafeeu, adding that she last met him on the night of his disappearance.

"That is the night we travelled [to Fuvahmulah] from Male'", Nasheeda said, adding that they cut a cake on the same night to celebrate her child's top-ten achievement.

"[Afterwards] we went into the room and he said he will be back. I thought he was on the joali (a Maldivian chair often made with wood and coir rope) but he was not there when I went out".

Shafeeu, who was employed at a resort at the time, met Nasheeda in Male' at the top-ten ceremony of Nasheeda's child from a previous marriage.

According to Nasheeda, the three of them also went on a resort trip to celebrate the achievement.

"Shafeeu disappeared when we went to the island after the trip", she said.

Nasheeda told Mihaaru that the commission questioned her and asked her where Shafeeu was buried. However, she claimed that she does not know this information.