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Judge Adam Mohamed requests open investigation

Shahudha Mohamed
20 October 2019, MVT 22:33
Chief Justice Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi (M) and judges Abdulla Areef (L) and Adam Mohamed Abdulla of the Supreme Court. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI / MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
20 October 2019, MVT 22:33

Judge Adam Mohamed requested the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to conduct his investigation in a public manner.

Local media outlet Mihaaru reported that the judge lodged his request to the judicial watchdog last week through a letter.

JSC is investigating Judge Adam Mohamed for verdicts delivered by the Supreme Court that were outside the top court's jurisdiction. However, the commission did not reveal any details about the matter.

The judicial watchdog already summoned some Supreme Court judges for questioning regarding the issue.

JSC also established a special committee for the probe into Supreme Court's problematic verdicts. The committee prepared a report on unlawful decisions made by the apex court as part of the investigation.

JSC revealed that the decision to investigate the judges were made after referring to the recent report prepared on the Maldivian judiciary by retired South African Justice Johann Kriegler.

The commission previously held an open trial for Supreme Court Judge Abdulla Didi's disciplinary case, which concluded with his dismissal.

Chief Justice Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi released a statement following JSC's investigation into top court judges, alleging that the probe could lead to judges being threatened and controlled by a certain party.

He called on President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and state authorities to bring an immediate end to the situation.

JSC decided to launch an investigation into the Chief Justice over the aforementioned statement.

The commission further disclosed that Chief Justice Didi refused, via a letter, to attend a summons for the investigation and spread false information regarding the probe, which the commission believes is obstruction of justice and exerting undue influence.

Moreover, the commission has decided to advise Chief Justice Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi, Supreme Court Judge Abdulla Areef and Judge Adam Mohamed Abdulla on taking measures over a disciplinary case.