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Two Raajje TV journalists sacked over meeting with ACC

Shahudha Mohamed
17 October 2019, MVT 11:34
Two RaajjeTV journalists were sacked over meeting the ACC, allegedly without the permission of their seniors. IMAGE/MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
17 October 2019, MVT 11:34

Two journalists employed at Raajje TV were dismissed from their posts on Wednesday over attending a meeting with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), allegedly without the permission of their seniors.

Senior Video Journalist Thahaarath Waheed and Video Journalist Hawwa Mohamed were sacked over meeting ACC members last Thursday.

Thahaarath told local media Mihaaru that the meeting was held to clarify some information needed for the news, adding that News Director Zihnath Hassan was notified beforehand and she had granted permitted.

According to Thahaarath, she was handed a letter of suspension upon their return to office after the meeting. The letter stated the reason for suspension was arranging a meeting with ACC members without notifying seniors and attending said meeting with another employee which disrupted the work at the office.

Thahaarath stated that she was fired without a chance to explain herself.

"I do not believe that meeting ACC members for information as a journalist is a problem", Thahaarath, who joined Raajje TV four years ago, said.

Thahaarath declared that she will file a case at the Employment Tribunal for unjust dismissal from work.

A top official from Raajje TV stated that the station will not disclose personal details of any employ, affirming that the reasons for dismissal were thoroughly explained to those sacked.